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We take the representation of clients as cooperation in an effort to achieve a fair solution to their life or business situations. With regard to this we always set the remuneration for our services individually according to the nature of the services provided. Unless we agree otherwise, we charge one-time or occasional services with provision at an hourly rate and if it is possible, we always send clients an estimate of the length of work for each service in advance. In the case of a larger number of provided services, we negotiate a flat fee.

In addition, of course, in most litigation proceedings, the unsuccessful party is obliged to pay the other party dispute costs, including the costs of representation by an attorney. In the case of litigation, therefore, together with the main claim of clients, we automatically sue the counterparty for reimbursement of legal representation costs. This reimbursement will often fully or largely cover all your dispute costs.

Commercial Law

  • Corporate law
  • Establishment of companies
  • General meeting
  • Representation of partners
  • Memorandum of Association or Statutes
  • Increase or decrease of the registered capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Contractual obligations
  • International commercial law
  • Unfair competition

To companies and their partners, we offer a complete legal service during the establishment, transformation, transfers or dissolution of companies. In addition, we offer the preparation of corporate approvals, amendments to memorandum of association or statutes, representation at general meetings and other services to ensure the proper management of your companies. Furthermore, we provide preparation and revision of business contracts and representation in court and during other proceedings.

Our goal is to set up long-term cooperation with clients that we can adapt to their individual needs and focus our legal advice on all the details of their business.

Obchodní právo

Civil Law

  • Creation and revision of contracts
  • Right of ownership
  • Community property
  • Co-ownership
  • Law of succession
  • Compensation for damage
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Consumer protection
  • Right from a defective performance
  • Private international law

Our law office offers legal advice in a wide range of sub-fields that fall under civil law. Our daily routine is creation of contracts tailored to your requirements or the revision of your contractual models or contracts prepared for you by the other party. We focus on the protection of your right of ownership, settlement of spouses' community property or co-ownership. We can also advise you on your inheritance rights.

In addition, we are ready to protect your rights in any disputes. We have many years of experience in securing compensation for damage or unjust enrichment. We will offer you a solution to problems with complaints about goods and services. We can advise you not only in the field of domestic law, but also with disputes involving an international element, e.g. if you deliver or buy goods or services from abroad.

Občanské právo

Property Law

  • Purchase, sale or donation of property
  • Easements
  • Pledges
  • Rental of an apartment or non-residential premises
  • Revision of mortgage agreements
  • Construction of buildings
  • Housing units
  • Land Registry
  • Real estate due diligence

To our clients we offer comprehensive legal services that help them with transfer of real estate and negotiations with real estate agencies. We prepare and revise reservation, donation and purchase contracts. We also provide monetary custody to ensure the purchase of real estate, as well as representation in proceedings in cadastral offices. We will also ensure the preparation or revision of the contract for the lease of an apartment or business premises.

We can advise you on contracts for the construction of family houses, housing units, division of land and we will offer you a complete legal solution for construction projects. We will prepare or revise for you all contracts related to real estate, namely contracts for the establishment of easements, mortgage contracts, credit agreements and more.

Právo nemovitostí

Employment Law

  • Employment contracts and agreements
  • Intern company documents
  • Wages and severance pay
  • Termination of employment contract
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Responsibility of employee
  • Accidents at work, occupation illnesses
  • Employer-employee disputes
  • Exchange of employer
  • Agency work

In the field of employment law, we offer our clients extensive services to both employers and employees. We prepare and revise all employment documents, such as employment contracts, agreements on the performance of work, agreements on the performance of an office or internal directives and other internal documents. We ensure for our clients termination of the employment relationship and we defend their rights in the event of its unfair dismissal. We have extensive experience with non-compete clauses and securing the rights arising from them.

We also deal with the solution of accidents at work and compensation for damages incurred during working hours and at the workplace. We prepare liability agreements and advise you on the transfer of rights between employers when taking over a company with a new employer or with agency employment.

Pracovní právo

Administrative Law

  • Offenses and misdemeanor proceedings
  • Trade law
  • Cadastral and construction law
  • Registry courts
  • Complaints against the procedure of public authority
  • Liability for incorrect administrative decisions
  • Liability for maladministration

Administrative law includes many sub-fields in which our office can help you. We represent clients from the most basic cases of public offences, through all disputes related to taxes and fees, lawsuits against decisions of administrative authorities and protection against their inaction and illegal interference. We provide comprehensive advice and proposals in land and construction proceedings. We represent our clients in follow-up court proceedings and in construction disputes. We deal with trade law, including representation before administrative authorities in matters under the Trade Licensing Act.

We provide legal representation before administrative courts of all levels, including the Supreme Administrative Court. We will prepare for you and apply for administrative proceedings, ie appeals, dissolution or a request for reopening of proceedings.

Správní právo


  • Out-of-court negotiations with the counterparty
  • Representation in court
  • Representation in arbitration
  • Collection of bills of exchange
  • Enforceability of decisions in EU countries
  • Ensuring the execution of your claims
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings

We provide services to our client since the first consultation of the case until its complete resolution, e.g. payment of the amount due. When recovering receivables, we always take into account the basic interest of our clients, which is the maximum possible payment of the amount owed.

If the debtor does not pay the amount owed voluntarily, we represent the client in all phases of court or arbitration proceedings (preparation of documents, filing a lawsuit, representing clients at individual meetings, representation in any appeal proceedings). If the debtor fails to fulfill his obligation despite a final judgment, we represent the clients in cooperation with the bailiffs, or in insolvency proceedings.

We offer our clients solutions with protection of their rights in most countries of the European Union.

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